Star Wars Unlimited – Prerelease 8 maart 24

Op vrijdag 8 maart [onder voorbehoud] gaan we bij Oberonn naar een Galaxy, far, far away! Vanaf 17u kan je bij ons terrecht voor de prerelease van Star Wars’ nieuwste TCG. De start van het deckbuilding gedeelte is om 19u.

Star Wars Unlimited zal ook vast op iedere vrijdag (vanaf 17u) gespeeld worden. Vergeet ook niet lid te worden van onze Facebook groep [cardgaming @ oberonn].

Voorinschrijven !STERK AANGERADEN! kan via info[at]
Voorbestellen van producten kan ook via info[at]

The format of Prerelease events, sealed play combines the limited card pool aspect of draft play with the more open-ended deckbuilding approach of constructed play. Like draft play, everyone starts the event off on equal footing, and like constructed play, this format gives you the opportunity to let your deckbuilding skills shine.  

At the beginning of a sealed play event, you open six booster packs. You must use the cards within those packs to build a deck. Just like in draft play, your minimum draw deck size is 30 cards, and you can include any number of copies of a card as you want (so long as they were all acquired within those six booster packs). Also like with draft, you can use any common base you want, regardless of what was in your packs. However, if you want to use a rare base, it must have been one of the cards from those six packs.  

For leader cards, you typically will only be able to use the ones from your packs, just like with everything else. However, for prerelease events in which you utilize a Prerelease Box, the promo leader cards that come in that box are also available as options for your sealed deck.