MtG Bloomburrow Prerelease

Welcome to Valley, the bucolic and vibrant home to the animalfolk of Bloomburrow, Magic’s first all-animal plane. It’s a place where big adventures await even the smallest who are bold, inquisitive, and heroic, while those with more homespun and peaceable yearnings can enjoy the tranquil life.

De volgende dagen kan je in Oberonn terecht voor de prerelease:
Vrijdag 26 Juli 2024 om 19:00 – Prerelease 01 – Bloomburrow

Zaterdag 27 Juli 2024 om 11:00 – Prerelease 02 – Bloomburrow

Dinsdag 30 Juli 2024 om 19:00 – Prerelease 03 – Bloomburrow

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