MTG Prerelease – Commander Legends Battle for Baldur’s Gate

As your eyes move over the many tables, you notice that you aren’t the inn’s only customer. In the farthest corner at a table shrouded in shadows, you see a cloaked figure deftly shuffling a deck of cards that look nothing like the playing cards you’re used to.
You squint your eyes trying to make out what sort of cards these are, and the figure catches you staring. They pull their hood back to reveal a pretty, pointed face and a sly smile.
“You ever played Magic: The Gathering?” they ask excitedly.

Oberonn voorziet 2 prereleases voor Battle for Baldur’s Gate.
– Vrijdag 3 juni 2022 om 18.30 (Deckbuilding start om 19.00)
– Zaterdag 4 juni 2022 om 10.30 (Deckbuilding start om 11.00)

Inschrijven kan via ons gebruikelijk email adres : info at

Als je meedoet krijg je een prerelease pack waarin 3 boosters zitten en één D20.
Iedere booster heeft 20 kaarten:

  • 1 Legendary creature of planeswalker (rare of mythic rare in 31% van de boosters)
  • 1 Legendary Background (rare in 1 van 12 boosters)
  • 1 Non-legendary rare of mythic rare kaart
  • 3 Uncommons
  • 13 Commons
  • 1 Traditional foil kaart
  • 1 Token, ad kaart, of dungeon kaart