Magic – Prerelease van “A Brothers’ War”

The Brothers’ War is the epic retelling of the most consequential event in the Multiverse. This far-reaching epic event sets in motion nearly all that Magic is today, including being the catalyst for unleashing the greatest evil Magic has ever known—the Phyrexians.

After the events of Dominaria United, our heroes must peer into the past to save their future, and in doing so, they reveal the true story of the clash between the brothers Urza and Mishra. Prepare yourself for an unprecedented clash that decided the fate of all living things—and may do so yet again.

Zoals bij iedere set van MTG, zal Oberonn meerdere prerelease events houden.
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Op vrijdag 11/11/2022 vanaf 18:45 (start van uitleg & seatings om 19:00)
Op zaterdag 12/11/2022 vanaf 10:45 (start van uitleg & seatings om 11:00)
NIEUW: Op dinsdag 15/11/2022 vanaf 18:45 (start van uitleg & seatings om 19:00) – !!Dit is een casual prerelease!!
Voorinschrijven via is sterk aangeraden!

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